Murder Weekend
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Murder Weekend
Yazar : 
Yayıncı : Nüans Publishing 
Liste Fiyatı : 15,00 TL
Açıklama : In an old country house, the celebrations for Adrian Bennetts fortieth birthday are going well. Everyone is enjoying themselves the guests; the actors who are acting out a murder mystery to entertain them; and Milly, who is helping her mother cook all the food. But the weekend is ruined when a real crime takes place. The road to the house is closed because of bad weather, and the police cant get there. So Milly decides to find out for herself who did it.
Barkod : 9789757103905
Boyut : 130-195
Sayfa Sayısı : 72
Basım Yeri : Ankara
Basım Tarihi : 2010
Baskı : 1
Kapak Türü : Tel Dikiş
Kağıt Türü : Kuşe
Dili : İngilizce

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